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Vegetable tanned is an industry term used to describe the method of tanning cowhide into leather. This process is referred to as vegetable tanned because of the natural and organic materials or tannins, such as tree bark or chestnut, used in the tanning process. Though it's one of the oldest and most intricate tanning methods, this centuries-old process is also one of the least used. Most leather hides are tanned with synthetic chemicals which protect them from scratching and changing color. This process is far more harmful to those working with it and to the environment, however, making vegetable tanned leather the safer and more earth conscious choice.

Veg tanned leathers will not stay pristine and will instead, age and patina over time, resulting in more character and reminding you of the life it's lived. The beauty of this kind of leather is that it reveals imperfections and nuances that make it unique. As it's a naturally thicker leather, goods constructed from veg tanned leather are stronger and more durable, meaning they will last a lifetime.



Over time, general wear, body oils, light exposure and other elements you encounter will affect your leather goods. This is to be expected and will give your items character. To maximise your bag's lifespan, we suggest you periodically clean and polish your bag with the appropriate leather cleaner and store it in its' dust bag when you are not using it. For light cleaning, we recommend gently spot cleaning with a leather cleaner, which can be found at your local chemist or grocery store. Please test any products you are applying to the bag in an inconspicuous spot first, to ensure you are happy with the final result. In the event that you need a deeper clean, you can take your bag to your local leather repair shop or cobbler for any necessary maintenance.


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